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Hello, I'm Dasha Minina, the proud founder of Maxus, a brand born out of a commitment to creating stronger, healthier nails. Our journey began with the game-changing Strengthener 2.0 - a vegan, bamboo-based, formaldehyde-free solution. Quickly gaining recognition, COSMOPOLITAN spotlighted our innovation with the Beauty Award of the Year. They lauded our unique formula's ability to mitigate ridges and rejuvenate nail strength, even after enduring damage from acrylics and gels.

At Maxus, we strongly believe in shaping a beautiful, conscious, and compassionate world. This ethos drives our commitment to crafting vegan products, ensuring no ingredient is ever animal sourced. It may come as a surprise, but elements like animal keratin, fish scales, and insect-derived reds are still prevalent in cosmetics. However, these will never find their way into our offerings. Even petroleum, a substance often masked as "mineral oil", is absent from our products.

Proudly holding Leaping Bunny certification, we guarantee that no animal testing is involved in our product development. We exclusively formulated with natural botanicals and natural Vitamin E, in its complete and most effective form. In line with our commitment to purity, we shun GMO ingredients and avoid "stretching" our products with fillers. Each of our offerings is teeming with first-quality active ingredients like the super-emollient Golden Jojoba Oil, ensuring faster, longer-lasting results, and providing superior value for your investment. Moreover, our high-concentration products result in fewer purchases, reducing waste in our world's landfills.

As Maxus continues flourishing, we are excited to broaden our scope to include skin-nurturing creams and lotions. This aligns with our holistic approach to hand and nail health. We are dedicated to ethical excellence in every aspect of our operations. From manufacturing our entire line locally in New York City to partner with local, family-owned businesses, our commitment to ethical business practice is unwavering. We believe in giving back, contributing to significant causes such as combating child trafficking, and supporting women in need. Even our shipping and packaging methods prioritize sustainability, substituting plastic bubble wrap with eco-friendly alternatives.

Our "Empower" collection, a quartet of timeless nail enamels, was named after my dear brother. It is a testament to the love that forms the foundation of Maxus - love for the earth, each other, and ourselves. This love shapes our work and the way we conduct our business.

Thank you for being a part of this journey toward a more conscious, compassionate, and beautiful world.

Dasha Minina,
Founder, Maxus

Why Maxus Nails?

We're huge fans of this health conscious line

- Byrdie

Aside from healthier-looking nails, though, the products will get you a manicure that actually lasts

- In Style

I recently road - tested Maxus Nail Polish, and I was beyond impressed. My nails looked fresh and chip-free for TWO whole weeks

- Total Beauty

Maxus Nails base coat is this Spring’s Chicest Anti-Manicure

- Vogue

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Why Maxus?

Trusted Ingredients
Trusted Ingredients

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We do not use animal


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Female Founder Collective

Maxus Nails is a proud member of the Female Founder Collective, a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. Their mission is to enable and empower female-owned and led businesses to positively impact our communities, both socially and economically.